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THE DIFFERENCE, at the Real Estate Licensing Academy, students learn from a Broker who owns and operates a successful real estate company. Scott lives and breaths real estate everyday. If he's not out in the field selling homes, Scott is in the classroom teaching others the knowledge they need to pass the licensing exams so they can have successful real estate careers. His teachings extend beyond the classroom and is not typical of real estate training courses; as Scott shows students how to survive in the field. Scott doesn't hold back, he shares real life experiences, and makes learning - fun. Sign-up today & learn the "secrets of the trade;" which took him years to learn himself. A MUST HAVE for real estate schools.  

Scott Gordon is the President and Sr. Instructor of the Real Estate Licensing Academy. His 20 + years experience in the industry coupled with hundreds of home sales, gives the classroom experiences far more value than just reading from textbooks or watching boring videos. As a published author, Scott shares the little known "secrets of the trade" as outlined in his book : SALE PENDING; allowing beginners the insight of an industry expert.

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