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Real Estate Licensing Academy real estate education, Real Estate Licensing Academy real estate license class 

State of Massachusetts requires all students complete 40 hours of pre-licensing education through a state approved school in order to qualify and sit for the state licensing exam.   

Current licensees who are renewing their license must complete 12 hours of Continuing Education credits every two years. The CE credits can be earned via online education or in a classroom setting by a licensed school.

PSI Services is the state's new testing agency. The exam is computer based and consists of 120 multiple choice questions. You will receive your score before leaving the testing site. You need at least a 70% in order to pass.


Candidates are expected to pay license fee immediately upon passing. (see fee below for amounts)

 Various testing locations throughout the state.

Minimum age requirement - must be 18 years of age

2 Forms of current signature ID  (Payment by: credit card, debt card. (NO CASH will be accepted)

Exam Cost $85, re-takers $54/each, honorably discharged Veterans $54

Salesperson License Fee $103-$150 prorated and Brokers License Fee is between $142-$200 - as prorated

Class Completion Certificate is given upon completing 40 hours of classroom education by state certified school

When scheduling exam, the center will issue an exam confirm #. You MUST bring # with you at time of testing

4 hours time to complete exams : 2 section - General & State. Passing score is 70%

Candidate needs to secure 3 personal character references who are unrelated & either live or do business in the state of Massachusetts.

You'll have up to 2 years to take test after class completion

120 Questions total: 80 on General portion & 40 on State portion.

Candidates who pass one section only need to retake the section they didn't pass. A test summary will be provided

         showing areas of strength & weaknesses.

Candidates must complete the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Acknowledgement Form which needs to be notorized by a Notary and brought with you to testing site.

Candidates should read the Candidate Information Bulletin carefully and pay very close attention to PSI's cancellation policy as outlined.

A calculator is provided by PSI. No phones or study materials are permitted.


Same as above + 

Must obtain Employing Broker Certification - certifies the Salesperson has been affiliated with a real estate brokerage for at least 3 years, actively engaged in the business. If you've worked for multiple brokerages over the 3 year period, you'll need to obtain certifications from as many agencies needed to make up the 3 year requirement. 

Affiliated Broker must certify Salesperson has worked at least 25 hours per week - actively engaged in real estate. 

Candidate must obtain $5,000 Surety Bond. Typically costs $50 for 5 years.